All trading involves risk. Losses can exceed deposits.

How do I partially close a position?

IG Trading platform

Click the ‘close’ button on the ‘positions’ panel, for the position you’d like to partially close. You’ll have the opportunity to enter a size to close (which will default to the full size of the position). Enter your closing size, the click the green ‘close’ button.

Please note: if 1-click dealing is enabled, clicking ‘close’ from the ‘positions’ panel will immediately close the position. In order to partially close when 1-click dealing is enabled, you’ll need to open a new ticket, and trade in the opposite direction, making sure to select ‘net off’ on the ticket.

Old platform

Click on the position from the ‘open positions’ panel. On the close deal ticket, amend the size to the amount you’d like to close. Then click either ‘sell’ or ‘buy’, depending on the direction of the trade, to close the position. For example, if it’s a ‘buy’ trade, you would click ‘sell’ to close.