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Important documents

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Transfer investments

Once you've opened a Share Trading account with IG, simply download the relevant form below and return it to us.

1. Broker-sponsored stock transfer - for when you hold your shares with a broker, or in an online share trading account. Please make sure you have your Holder Identification Number (HIN) handy, it will be shown on any communications issued by your broker.


2. Issuer-sponsored transfer - for when you hold your shares with the registrar, usually as the result of an IPO, SPP or Employee Share Plan. Please make sure you have your Security Reference Number (SRN) handy, it will be shown on a holding statement issued by the registrar.

Add US shares

If you are not an institutional client, joint account holder or US citizen, simply complete the electronic form in My IG, and file it with us. The whole process should only take a minute or two.

If you are an institutional client, joint account holder or US citizen, you’ll need to complete a specific form from the options below. Please find instructions for each form on the IRS website, complete the relevant form below.



See instructions

Individual Australian residents Log in to My IG to complete form online Refer to form online
Corporate accounts W-8BEN-E (243KB) Guidance
Trust accounts W-8BEN-E (243KB) Guidance
Self-managed super funds W-8BEN-E (243KB) Guidance

Please return a scanned copy of any completed forms to accountopening.au@ig.com, or alternatively return any hard-copy declarations to us at IG, Level 15, 55 Collins Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000.


We are required to document all holders of US securities under our obligations to the US tax authorities, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). If you want to hold US shares, we require an appropriate tax form to be completed before you trade.

As well as meeting the documentation requirements, the form may allow lower rates of withholding tax to be applied to your income from the US. Please note that by completing one of these forms, you are certifying that you are not a citizen of the US nor a US tax resident.

Terms and agreements

Our terms and agreements govern our relationship with you and all of the trades that you enter into with us. Please make sure you read and understand them before opening an account.

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