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About the project

Decade of Trade allows you to build your own charts and quickly track the performance of multiple companies against an index as a whole.

Stock markets are most commonly viewed as a whole, represented by a single figure. The reality is that every market has complexities that require a deeper and more concentrated analysis.

We’ve taken the current constituents of 10 of the largest indices and tracked their performance back over a 10 year period. Through charting this data we’re able to see which companies have proved to the best the most consistent, shown the fastest growth, seen the largest decline and much more.

All indices are searchable and filterable by market sector allowing you to really delve deeper into the data and build your own views on where the market may move next*.

Explore a Decade of Trade and immerse yourself into a new way to look at market performance.

*Past performance may not be indicative of future results.

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