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We describe three alerts available on our platform, and how you can use them to stay ahead of the markets

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Using the alerts available on our platform is a great way of staying ahead of the markets, so that you never miss an opportunity to trade. Here are three different alerts available with us, and how to use them.

Economic alerts

You can use economic calendar alerts if you think that the markets are going to respond to a particular economic event, like non-farm payrolls.

To set a calendar alert, go to the economic calendar on the platform and tick the box next to any event you’d like to receive notifications for. You’ll then be able to decide how you’d like to be notified, and how much notice you’d like before the event occurs.

Price alerts 

Use price alerts to get a notification when a set market hits a certain level, so that you can monitor markets, limit your risk and time your trades to perfection.

Find the price alert option in the dropdown menu next to any market on our platform. You can select what level the alert should be set at, any extra conditions you’d like it to be triggered by, and add a message you’ll receive when the alert is triggered.

Technical indicator alerts

Technical indicator alerts notify you when a market moves beyond price levels set by a technical indicator, like simple moving average or Bollinger bands. 

You can find the technical alert option in the dropdown menu next to any market in our platform. From there, choose from a range of popular indicators, and the conditions that you’d like the alert to trigger in. You can even combine up to four indicators and select how often you’d like to get notified.

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