Your capital is at risk. CFDs can result in losses that exceed your initial deposit. Please ensure you fully understand the risks involved.

How do I place an order?

If you want to open a deal at a price different to the one currently being quoted, you can set an order. Bring up the market you want to trade and click on ‘order’. You then need to fill in the deal ticket with the following information:

Buy or sell: The direction of your trade.

Size: The value you are looking to deal.

Stop: Your stop loss if the market moves against you.

Limit: Your take profit level. See ‘what’s the difference between stop and limit orders?’ for more information.

Net off/force open: Controls how we execute opposing positions in the same market. Selecting ‘net off’ means that we’ll close existing opposing positions in the same market before opening a new trade. Selecting ‘force open’ allows you to hold positions on the same market in opposing directions.

Please note, when trading a large size with guaranteed stops attached, we may require your guaranteed stops to be placed in increments and you may come across an error message similar to the below:

This means that the maximum size we can take on, at any one guaranteed stop level, is a size of USD10/pt. If you’re looking to trade a size larger than this, then the trades will need to be placed in separate lots with sizes of up to USD10/pt, and the guaranteed stops will need to be at least 50 points apart from each other.