Risk management

Protect your profits and limit your losses with our range of risk management tools:

  • Set price alerts to notify you of market movements
  • Lock in potential profits with trailing stops
  • Put an absolute limit on potential losses with a guaranteed stop

All our risk management tools are designed to be easy to apply. Properly utilised, they can help safeguard you against the risks of leveraged trading.

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Our risk management tools

  • Fee applies
  • Absolute limit on your risk
  • Our superior stop solution

Guaranteed stops

Attaching a guaranteed stop puts an absolute limit on your potential loss. Even if the market gaps suddenly, your position will be closed out at exactly the price you specified, with no risk of slippage.

You can only add a guaranteed stop when you place a new trade and cannot attach one to an existing position.

Stop losses

Stop losses can be added to your trades before you open them or by editing an open position. Set the level you want your position to close at if the market turns against you.

A basic stop loss does not guarantee your position will close at the exact level you specify – if the market suddenly gaps beyond your stop level, it is possible your position will be closed at a worse level than requested. This is known as slippage.

  • Free of charge
  • Helps protect against adverse market movements
  • Our standard stop
  • Non-guaranteed



  • Free of charge
  • Track and protect your profits
  • No need to edit stops
  • Non-guaranteed
  • Requires activation in your preferences

Trailing stops

A trailing stop is similar to a limit in that it is designed to protect your profit. You place a trailing stop when you open your trade and it will move with your profit. If the market turns, your position will close out at your trailing stop’s new level, and not the level you originally placed it at.

Using a trailing stop means you lock in profits without the need to manually monitor your position and adjust your stop.

You need to activate them first within our trading platform. Go to My Account > Settings > Preferences, select Allow Trailing Stops, accept the terms and conditions, and click Set Preferences.

Price alerts

Set price alerts to notify you when a market reaches a specified buy or sell price. Unlike a stop, a price alert keeps your position open, so you can decide what action to take as the market moves.


  • Free of charge          
  • Know when the market is making key moves but keep your position open
  • Delivered by email or text with customised message

Platform risk management features

Track your profit and loss

Our platform’s Open Positions and Working Orders windows give you a snapshot of your trades and running profit and loss.

Trades executed in 0.1 seconds*

If the market moves quickly against you, you can trade out almost instantly to protect a profit or minimise a loss.

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Built-in risk protection

Whether you have a stop-loss or not, if the account equity (cash balance +/- running profit/loss) doesn’t cover your margin requirement, we may partially or fully close your positions if we don't hear from you. This is to help protect you from negative equity.

However, this protection isn’t automatic – we are not obliged to apply it and you shouldn’t rely on us doing so. It’s sensible to maintain adequate funds in your trading account to avoid potentially being closed out of positions you would rather remain open.

Reduced-risk trading for new accounts

New clients can trade at reduced minimum trade sizes for two weeks and reduced commissions for six weeks with our introduction programme.

This is a useful way to reduce your risk exposure while you gain experience and confidence using our platform.

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Our charges

Our main revenue is not influenced by the oucome of your trades, so it's in our interest to help you manage your risk.

Find out more about how we charge:

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* 99.18% of trades executed in 0.1 seconds: average per month, IG globally (12 months to February 2015).