The IG professional account

You know how to trade. Get the freedom and service that your experience deserves, for no extra cost, with the world’s No.1 spread betting and CFD provider.1

Why get an IG professional account?

Greater flexibility

Your margins could decrease by up to 90%.

Cash rebates

Trade in high volumes? Receive a rebate on your spread each month.

Collateral option

You can use up to 95% of your share collateral as margin.

More products

You’ll still be able to trade restricted products such as digital 100s.

What should you be aware of?

You will forgo some protections afforded to retail clients.

Higher leverage

Pro accounts are not subject to leverage caps, which ESMA believes could lead to poor outcomes.

No negative balance protection

Losses can exceed deposits on a professional account.

Sophisticated language

We won't necessarily use simple language in our communications to pro clients.

Assumed experience

We expect pro traders to have a certain level of knowledge and understanding.

Learn more in our FAQs.

Lower margins

Swipe right to see the difference.

Minimum professional margin

Leverage equivalent

Retail margin

Leverage equivalent

Major forex 0.45% 1:222 3.33% 1:30
Major indices 0.45% 1:222 5% 1:20
Gold 0.63% 1:158 5% 1:20
Other commodities 1.35% 1:74 10% 1:10
Cryptocurrencies 4.5% 1:22 50% 1:2
Equities 4.5% 1:22 20% 1:5

Want to know more about what trading with us will cost you? Call us on 0800 195 3100.

How much margin you could pay

If you placed a EUR/USD trade at £5/point, at a price of 12320:

Your retail margin requirement would be £2051.28.

With a professional account, it would be £277.20.

An advanced package

Experienced traders deserve appropriate support. Qualify for an IG professional account, and you’ll enjoy a range of features:

  • Credit facilities, giving you greater flexibility (subject to approval)
  • A dedicated execution desk, enabling you to place complex trades in the underlying market
  • Sophisticated order types for greater control, including VWAP, TWAP and volume in line
  • Premium rewards when you refer other traders to us, and they meet qualifying criteria
  • Direct market access on forex and shares, giving you increased visibility in the underlying market

You’ll also be eligible for, on request:

  • A personal account manager, on hand to offer one-to-one support
  • Bespoke research tailored to your needs by our expert analysts
  • Invitations to premium hospitality and events, allowing you to socialise with like-minded traders in luxurious surroundings

Trade with a market leader

Peerless reputation

Founded in 1974, we are the world’s No.1 spread betting and CFD provider.1 You can rest assured that our business model is built around backing your success when trading with us, and that your funds are protected in fully segregated accounts at regulated banks.

Cutting-edge technology

We invest heavily in developing tech that helps you trade the way you want to. Customise your dealing experience with our clean, quick online platform, mobile apps designed by device, and a range of advanced solutions for automated trading and analysis.

Unparalleled opportunities

Choose from a massive 16,000+ markets, with spreads that we’re always working to keep as low as possible. You’ll also find out-of-hours trading on key US stocks, plus weekend indices and cryptocurrencies, to help you access opportunity you wouldn’t find elsewhere.

Apply now

New clients

  1. Fill out a simple online form to apply for a spread betting or CFD account
  2. Log in to your newly created account and follow the prompt to assess your eligibility for professional status
  3. Complete the additional steps – we’ll ask you for some more info to verify your status
  4. Check your emails – you’ll know if you’ve been classified as professional within two hours

We may request additional documentation or supporting evidence from you.

Existing clients

  1. Log in to My IG or your IG Trading app as you normally would
  2. Once logged in, follow the prompt to assess your eligibility for professional status
  3. Complete the additional steps – we’ll ask you for some more info to verify your status
  4. Check your emails – you’ll know if you’ve been classified as professional within two hours

We may request additional documentation or supporting evidence from you.

Don’t see the prompt? Go to ‘settings’ > ‘client and account status’ on desktop, or the ‘accounts’ area in-app.

Please note that final decision on your eligibility will be taken by our account-opening team. Here’s a reminder of the requirements.

Still have questions about opening an IG professional account, or anything else?

Give our team a call on 0800 195 3100


What are the eligibility requirements to becoming a professional trader?

To qualify, you must answer ‘yes’ to two or more of the following:

  • Has your trading averaged 10 significantly sized transactions in leveraged derivatives per quarter over the last 4 quarters?
  • Do you have a financial instrument portfolio, including cash deposits, exceeding €500,000?
  • Have you worked in the financial sector in a professional position, requiring knowledge of derivatives trading, for at least a year?

What is included in my ‘financial instrument portfolio’?

A ‘financial instrument portfolio’ includes:

  • Cash
  • Stock portfolios
  • Stocks and shares ISAs
  • Trading accounts
  • Mutual funds
  • SIPPs (excluding non-financial instruments)

It does not include:

  • Company pensions
  • Non-tradeable assets
  • Property

What if I’m not eligible to become a professional trader?

Not a problem – you can still trade with us. You’ll have access to the same powerful platforms and great customer service we offer our professional clients. What’s more, you’ll automatically get negative balance protection on your account.

What’s the difference between an IG trading account and an IG professional account?

With an IG trading account, you’ll need to hold more margin to cover your positions than a professional client would. Your account will also have negative balance protection, meaning that the balance on your account can’t go below zero.

What protections do professional clients forego?

There are a few protections afforded to retail clients that professional clients don’t receive.

  • Negative balance protections don’t apply to professional clients, who have an obligation to make additional payments if their account falls into a negative balance. As a professional client, you can still attach guaranteed stops to place an absolute limit on risk. These incur a small premium if triggered.
  • We need to use clear language when talking to retail clients, but we can use more sophisticated language when talking to our professional clients.
  • We may assume a level of knowledge and experience when assessing whether our products are appropriate for professional clients.
  • We owe our clients a duty of best execution when executing orders. For retail clients we must prioritise overall prices and cost of a transaction in doing this. For professional clients we may prioritise other factors such as speed and likelihood of execution, if we determine they are equally or more important than overall price. In practice, we don’t change the way we execute your orders.

What if I already have an IG account?

If you’d like, you can request that your account be reclassified as ‘professional’. To check whether you could be eligible, see if you have the experience and portfolio required.

Why is spread betting and CFD leverage being restricted?

The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) imposed a range of leverage restrictions aimed at retail traders in early 2018, to try to increase conduct standards across the industry and improve outcomes for investors.

1 Based on revenue excluding FX (published half-yearly financial statements, June 2019).

2 The advertised offering is only available to individual clients capable of obtaining ‘professional’ status. This requires experience of trading relevant products on your own account above a certain size, experience of working within the financial sector for at least one year in a relevant position and/or a personal investment portfolio worth at least €500,000.