All trading involves risk. Losses can exceed deposits.

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Commodities MT4 product details


Faster execution and greater automation on gold and silver positions

These positions are cash settled and cannot result in the delivery of any metal; we quote you our own bid/offer spread based on the underlying market.

Spot metals have no expiry date; the position remains open until you choose to close it. Separate daily funding adjustments are made for spot metals.

Contract MT4 symbol One contract means Value of one contract
(per full point)
Normal contract spread [1] Min requirement (per contract) [7]
Gold XAUUSD 100 troy oz $100 0.3 0.7%
Silver XAGUSD 5000 troy oz $5000 2 2%

Notes to table

Our metals markets give you exposure to changes in the price of metals. They are cash settled and cannot result in the delivery of the underlying metal.

1. a) CFDs and spread bets on spot metals are quoted based on quotes in the underlying market available to us from the banks and liquidity providers with which we trade. We do not apply any weighting or biases to our pricing sources.

b) Spreads are subject to variation, especially in volatile market conditions. Our dealing spreads may change to reflect the available liquidity during different times of day. Our normal spread is shown in the table.

c) Dealing spreads may be offered as a fixed or variable amount. If variable spreads are in use, then the spread shown in this table is the amount of IG spread added to the underlying futures market spread. Any variable dealing spreads are marked with an asterisk (*).

d) We will not charge any additional commission unless we notify you in writing.

2. Minimum transaction sizes usually start from 0.1 contract. Subject to this minimum size, transactions may be in fractions of a contract.

3. We quote spot metals 24 hours a day (except 22.00-23.00), normally from 23.00 (London time) on Sunday until 22.00 (London time) on Friday.

4. For spot metal transactions, funding adjustments are calculated and posted to the client's account daily. Funding adjustments are calculated based on the relevant tom-next spread, including an admin fee of 0.3% p.a (0.8% for mini contracts). An adjustment is calculated for any position opened before 22.00 that is still open after 22.00 (London time).

5. For most positions, a client can, at any time before the position has been automatically closed, ask for the position to be rolled over to a later date. Rolling over a position involves closing the old position and opening a new one. We normally attempt to contact a client shortly before a position is due to expire and offer him the opportunity to roll the position over. However, we cannot undertake to do this in every case and it remains the client's responsibility to give instructions, if he so wishes, to roll the position over before it expires.

6. When you trade in a currency other than your base currency your profit or loss will be realised in that currency and will be booked to your account in that currency. As a default, we will automatically, and on a daily basis, convert any positive or negative balance on your account in a currency other than your base currency to your base currency..

7. Margin requirements represent a percentage of the overall position value.


Faster execution and greater automation on oil. Trade with no expiry date

All contracts have no fixed expiriy date.


MT4 symbol

One contract means

Value of one full point (CFDs)

Normal contract spread [1]

Min margin requirement (per contract) [4]

Oil – Brent Crude UKOIL 1000 barrels $10 2.8 1.5%
Oil – US Crude USOIL 1000 barrels $10 2.8 1.5%

Where you see a number or letter in brackets in the tables, the corresponding note can be found below.

1. Spreads are subject to variation, especially in volatile market conditions. If the underlying market spread increases significantly, our spread may increase.

2. Please note that tiered margins apply; this means that higher deposits may be required for large positions. See our margins page for further details. You can find the tiered margins for each market from the Get Info section in our dealing platform.

3. Commodity funding is based on the market cost of carry including an admin fee of 2.5% per annum.