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Why work with IG?

  • Increase your revenue

    We pay out over £38 million annually to institutions that work with us

  • Established and secure

    Trusted by over 195,200 clients we are the world-leading provider of CFDs*

  • Give your clients more

    Enhance your offering with our award-winning trading tools, backed by powerful technology

  • 24-hour support

    Benefit from our expert team's knowledge, dedicated to providing around-the-clock support for you and your clients

  • Market leader

    We established the world's first financial spread betting company in 1974, and have been a market leader ever since

  • Enhance your product range

    From access to over 15,000 markets to cutting-edge technology, expand your offering to your clients

How you can work with us

See what we offer below and use our comparison table to find the best relationship type for you.

Company account

We offer a complete trading solution for corporate and institutional clients, built around powerful technology, a huge range of markets and dedicated support.

API trading

Trade via an API

Our web API offers you an easy way to get market data, historical prices and execute trades against any of your IG accounts. It can be used with Excel (VBA), .NET, Java and any programming language that supports HTTP.

It is also designed to get you coding as quickly as possible, with a sample app, fully featured online documentation and interactive developer tools to assist you. See our IG Labs site for further details.

We also provide a FIX API

Our API supports pricing, trading and streaming account balance figures and is connected securely to IG’s systems using SSL over the web.

You can trade the full range of IG’s products over the FIX API, with your executions filled using smart order routing technology. The SOR connects to multiple trading venues and dark pools, ensuring you get the best execution.


The API supports all major order types supported by our DMA trading platform, and lets you use trading algorithms and models to execute trades for you.

We offer both DMA and OTC solutions via FIX:

  • FIX DMA: Trade directly into the order books of global stock exchanges, utilising our low latency exchange and broker links, with no dealing desk. Forex traders also get direct access to a large FX liquidity pool from several Tier 1 banks
  • FIX OTC: Trade automatically on IG’s Over The Counter products using a real time feed of our own prices

To ensure that our API is right for you, to request our rules of engagement or to find out more please call one of our account executives.

Financial institutions and hedge funds

We offer a complete trading solution for corporate and institutional clients looking for a mini prime broker solution, built around powerful technology, a huge range of markets and dedicated support. 

L2 Dealer, our downloadable DMA platform, provides powerful, flexible DMA access for advanced traders. L2 Auto Trade is an add-in on L2 designed for use with Microsoft Office Excel to help automate your trading activity.

L2 Auto Trade can be used to send DMA orders to L2 to facilitate automated trading without the need for a full API connection. It can be used to trade on your own account and any other IG Markets sub accounts attached to your login sending up to 200 orders per minute.

We are also connected to Bloomberg EMSX, if you have a terminal you can now connect to IG and send orders direct from Bloomberg.

Who trades with us?

  • Small-medium sized hedge funds 
  • Corporations and proprietary trading houses 
  • Brokers and retail aggregators
  • Individual corporate trading vehicles
  • Family offices

Don’t fall into one of these categories? We may still be able to help. Corporate clients can download the application here

White labels

As a white label partner, you can offer your clients the same award-winning technology and broad product range enjoyed by thousands of IG clients worldwide, under your own brand.

Benefits of this model include:

  • Complete technology solution developed, maintained and hosted by us
  • Online demo and live account-opening facility
  • All the tools you need to monitor your clients’ trading
  • Full online service
  • No need to install equipment, purchase servers or invest in maintenance
  • Fully embedded technology options such as iframe or API

Our technology, your brand

If you prefer not to direct your clients to a standalone site, we can work with you to embed the relevant content and agreements into your existing website using the iFrame solution.

It is worth noting that the full white label package requires a certain level of commitment and resourcing from the partner, especially if you are considering the use of iFrames which require a level of technical expertise to embed.

If you have an existing client base and are interested in a white label solution, contact our institutional sales team. 

PA dealing

IG’s PA dealing tool – for compliance departments to monitor employee trading activity


  • All your employees under one umbrella
  • Real time access to employee trading activity – no more contract notes
  • Individual client reports (current and historic)
  • Order history and ledger reports date back 14 months
  • Facility to export data straight to Excel
  • Facility to schedule automated end of day reports straight into your own systems
  • Unlimited compliance users can access the system
  • Back office system is available in all supported languages
  • No costs involved

Regulated introducing brokers

We offer partnership packages for brokers who are registered with an appropriate financial regulator.

We have the legal and IT framework to help regulated brokers with Power of Attorney offer a competitive service to their clients.

For this partnership model, which is primarily suited to brokers wishing to provide an advisory service to their clients, you must have the appropriate regulation and legal authority to act on behalf of clients.

Included in our package is a range of resources exclusive to partners managing accounts on their clients' behalf. For example, you can use our full DMA platform L2 Dealer which offers multi-account management, including a block-trading option. Our CRM tool, client manager provides real-time back office functionality.

Investment managers

A premium service for Investment & Asset Managers who trade on a discretionary basis.

L2 Dealer, our downloadable DMA platform, provides powerful, flexible DMA access for advanced traders. Trade CFDs or use our share dealing service to trade with no dealer intervention, full market depth and access to dark liquidity pools. Use shareholdings as margin to CFD positions. We also offer Forex Direct where you can trade currencies at the market price, with liquidity from the major banks.

Our profile manager tool allows you to manage client portfolios and trade across multiple client accounts using the weighting facility to evenly place your trades. Manage your client accounts with our CRM tool ‘Client Manager’ which provides real-time back office functionality and the ability to export reports or have them sent via SFTP. 

Affiliate scheme

If you want to take a marketing-only approach, you can join our Affiliate Scheme.

This is the simplest form of partnership. We provide you with marketing materials to use on your site, blog, social network or any other marketing efforts you are involved in, to help distribute our service to a wider group of traders.

Becoming an IG Affiliate is a quick sign-up process which does not require a regulatory license and involves fewer legal requirements. Once you’ve signed up, you can choose the relevant marketing materials to suit your needs, start directing traffic and earn money on each qualified trader you have referred.  

To learn more, contact our Affiliate team. 

Choose from more than 15,000 markets

  • Shares

    Trade more than 7500 international shares on margin, or buy and sell stocks, with the UK's No.1 CFD provider*

  • Forex

    Low spreads and fast execution with the UK's No.1 FX provider1

  • Indices

    Deal on the world's major stock indices – with low margins and more 24-hour markets than any other provider

  • Commodities

    Get flexible, tax-efficient2 access to a unique range of global commodities markets

What you get by joining

  • Superior trading technology

    We deliver 99.96% core platform uptime and execute deals in 0.1 seconds

  • API trading

    Trade our full range of products including FX, digital 100s, indices, commodities and share CFDs

  • Number one provider

    We are the leading provider of CFDs in the world*

  • Client manager application

    Get total visibility of your accounts with our web-based back office application for regulated clients

What your clients get from IG

  • Award-winning platforms

    A complete range of platforms and apps, including chart pattern recognition technology

  • 24-hour support

    Quick and helpful answers from our expert support team, whether its via email or live chat

  • Dealing charts and tools

    Intuitive charts where you can deal, place orders and amend stops and limits straight from the chart

  • Introduction programme

    A neutrally-branded version of our six-week educational programme

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* Based on revenue excluding FX (published financial statements, February 2018).

1 By number of primary relationships with FX traders. (Investment Trends 2016 UK Leverage Trading Report)

Tax laws are subject to change and depend on individual circumstances.

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CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. 81% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work, and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money. CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage.