How can I view the overnight funding rates for forex or commodities?

The daily estimated overnight funding rates1 for forex (tom-next rate plus our admin fee) and commodities (basis adjustment plus our admin fee) can be viewed in our platform. We call them swap rates.

For short positions we’ll apply the ‘swap bid’ rate, and for long positions we’ll apply the ‘swap offer’ rate.

To see our swap rates, log in to our platform and follow these simple steps:

1. Add an FX pair or commodity to a watchlist

2. Now add that watchlist to your workspace

3. Click on the ‘market’ drop-down menu, and select ‘swap bid’ and ‘swap offer’ to add them to your list of columns

1 Values displayed before 5pm (Swiss time) reflect the previous day’s swap rate, and will be adjusted after 5pm (Swiss time) to reflect what we expect the evening’s swap rate to be.

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