IG Bank welcomes GSHC professional players

Our sales team and some players talk about trading

A player signs some autographs

The players kindly give our account opening and compliance team some nice presents

Photo all together at IG Bank premises

The best moments of the Genève Servette Hockey Club backstage visit

The GSHC during training

One specificity of the locker room

The lockers of the athletes

Gordon cannot wait to try the champions' shoes

Getting more tense when approaching the goal

Before the team photo

The guests of IG Bank play hockey with the team

The fun continues for the IG Bank guests

Towards the end of the visit

The guests of IG Bank are not intimidated by the skills of the players

The GSHC during training

One of the GSHC players training

Gordon Urquhart, Institutional sales manager, during the visit of the GSHC

The shoes are hung not to spoil the blades

One of the guests with hockey sticks

On the rink

A little chat before training

The outstanding agility of the players

Looking for the puck

Gordon on the rink with two players and a guest

Even Gordon Urquhart, Institutional sales manager, wants to train with the team

Each player has his place in the locker room

Moments of the game

Before the official photo

Gordon tries to play hockey

IG Bank against GSHC: it's a race to the last puck!

Benoît Frou, Institutional sales manager, on the stands

Gordon Urquhart with a guest of IG Bank

All posing

Gordon with a guest of IG Bank