All trading involves risk. Losses can exceed deposits.

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Digital 100s

Take advantage of moves in the markets – no matter how big or small – with our range of fixed-risk digital 100s.

Why trade digital 100s with IG?

  • Trade on quiet markets

    You can profit on markets that move five points or fifty. All that matters is you’re proved right

  • Limit your risk

    Know your maximum potential profit and loss before you go into every trade.

  • Discover new opportunities

    Speculate on indices, FX and commodities, with timeframes from five minutes to one month.

Your capital is at risk.

Popular digital 100 markets

Market Types include Timescales from
Indices Ladder, Up/Down
5 min
Forex Ladder, Up/Down
5 min
Commodities Ladder
Futures Ladder


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What are digital 100s?

Digital 100s are based on a single statement with a yes or no answer, and enable you to speculate on the likelihood of a market event taking place. If you predict the outcome correctly, the trade will return a profit. If not, you’ll lose your original stake.

For example, a typical digital 100 statement might be ‘FTSE 100 to finish up’. You’re then presented with the option to buy the digital 100 if you think the FTSE will be up at the end of the trading day, and to sell if you think it won’t

The price of a digital 100 ranges from 0 to 100. This price reflects our view on the probability that this event will occur, based on the behaviour of the underlying market and how long the digital 100 has until it expires. The more likely we think it is that the event will occur, the closer the price will be to 100.

If the digital 100 statement is true (in this case, if the FTSE finishes up), the price settles at 100. If it isn’t true (ie if the FTSE finishes down or doesn’t move), it settles at 0. Your profit or loss depends on the amount per point you’ve staked, and the difference between your opening price and the digital 100’s closing price. 

Live digital 100 prices

Markets Sell Buy Change Updated
FTSE 100
Germany 30
Wall Street
US Light Crude

Prices above are subject to our website terms and conditions. Prices are indicative only.

Digital 100 types to suit you

Our range of digital 100s cater for all types of volatility trading.


Will the market be higher or lower than your chosen level when the digital 100 expires?

Take a view on whether the market will be above or below a selected level upon expiry.


Will the market finish up or down when the digital 100 expires?

Speculate on whether the market will finish above or below the previous day's closing price?

What are the risks of digital 100 trading?

Although digital 100s are limited risk, their fast-moving nature means there’s still the potential to make substantial losses as well as gains. Open a free demo account today to practise with virtual funds.

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Digital 100 FAQs

How are IG's digital 100s priced?

Our digital 100 prices are set by our dealing desk, set on three key factors:

  • The time to expiry
  • The current value of the underlying market
  • Our expectation of future volatility

Each of these factors impacts the chances that a given market event will occur. The higher we think these chances are, the closer the digital 100’s price will be to 100 – and vice versa. And if you think you’re a better judge of volatility than us, digital 100s are a great way to back your view.

What special digital 100s can I trade?

We offer digital 100 options on a number of major economic indicators, such as US non-farm payrolls and US initial jobless claims. 

Can I trade bitcoin as a digital 100?

Yes – bitcoin is available to trade as daily or weekly digital 100s. Find out more about trading bitcoin with IG.