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Because there’s placing a trade. And there’s seizing the moment. 

Trade at the touch of a button with fingerprint login

We offer secure fingerprint login on iOS devices, so you can access your trades in an instant. 


Lock in profits and cap your losses

Use stops and limits to open and close a position automatically when the market hits your chosen level. Please note non-guaranteed stops may be subject to slippage.*

Automate your dealing with algorithmic trading

Algorithms are a time-efficient way to execute your strategy. Set up your order and the algorithm will automatically place trades on your behalf.

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  • Price improvement technology

    We guarantee we will never fill your deal at a level worse than the one you requested, and if the market moves against you, we'll ask you to resubmit your order rather than filling it at a price you don't want.

  • Advanced dealing options

    Take more control over your order execution, with partial fills and points through current.

  • Automating your trading with APIs

    Create your own front-end solution with web and FIX trading APIs.

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* If the market suddenly gaps beyond your stop level, your position may be closed at a worse level than requested. This is known as slippage. To avoid slippage you can add a guaranteed stop, an optional add-on which must be manually selected unless your account includes it automatically. A small premium is payable if your guaranteed stop is triggered.