Is CFD trading for me?

If you’re knowledgeable about the financial markets and actively trade them, CFDs could be an essential part of your strategy.

I'm a forex trader

If you’re an active forex trader you’ll already benefit from leverage on your forex trades. By trading forex as a CFD with us, you gain a range of other benefits too.

  • ProRealTime – trade from technical charts
  • Metatrader 4 – automate your strategies
  • Forex Direct – trade directly into the exchange and get inside the spread
  • Leverage – our margin starts at 0.5%
  • Guaranteed Stops place an absolute limit on your risk, no matter how volatile the market
  • Access to binaries – daily opportunities for extremely short-term forex trading
  • No requotes on your forex trades, ever
  • Stay on top of the FX markets with our range of mobile trading apps
  • Discover opportunities beyond currency pairs; access 10,000 markets from the same account

As with any leveraged product, you should be aware that trading forex via a CFD may not be suitable for everyone as it can result in losses that exceed your initial deposit.

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I'm a shares trader

With CFDs, you can use your existing knowledge and approach to researching the stock market and make your investment capital go further (via leverage) and protect your physical portfolio (by hedging). Of course you should bear in mind the inherent risks of leverage.

What are the benefits? 
  • Potentially profit from falling and rising stock prices
  • Trade Australian and international shares from the same account
  • Use leverage to make your investment capital go further
  • Trade inside the market spread using direct market access
  • Short-sell to protect your physical portfolio from adverse movements

Be aware that CFD trading is not suitable for everyone as it involves leverage, which can result in losses which exceed your initial deposit. 

  • Diversify your portfolio with stock indices, sectors and more.
  • Be confident of potentially better prices, which we source from primary exchanges and dark pools of liquidity.
  • Your shares knowledge means you’re well equipped to get started. Read more about share trading with IG.
  • CFDs are traded in the same notional amounts as the underlying market, so there’s no need to learn a new trading language.
  • You still get dividends from share CFDs.

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I trade other markets


  • Go long or short on energies, metals and agriculturals
  • Choose from a range of contracts
  • Good for speculative traders, hedgers and producers

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  • Trade on more than 30 global indices
  • Spreads from 1 point on majors, including the Australia 200
  • 24-hour trading

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AUD-denominated CFDs

  • Avoid currency exposure
  • Trade popular indices, metals and energy commodities
  • Exclusive to IG

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  • One of the most comprehensive options markets in the industry
  • Use our own custom options

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Open a demo account

  • Trade with $20,000 practice funds for two weeks
  • Access charts and view live prices
  • Trade online or via our mobile apps

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Try our interactive preview

  • Explore our platform preview, risk-free
  • Search for your favourite pairs and open deal tickets
  • Access charts and technical analysis tools

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