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  • imageAltText Kingfisher cutting costs

    The company will reveal its first-quarter sales figures on Thursday 28 May, and the restructuring update will be the focus of traders' attention.

  • imageAltText Dollar surges on the back of US CPI data

    A rally in Vodafone shares has put the FTSE 100 on the front foot this afternoon, up 30 points as we head towards the close.

  • imageAltText Levels to watch: gold, silver and crude

    Oil prices remain constrained by so far implacable resistance levels, but the picture looks more optimistic for gold and silver.

  • imageAltText Dollar dips ahead of US CPI data

    The greenback has retreated this morning ahead of the US CPI report later today, while additional updates from Mario Draghi and Mark Carney will also be in focus.

  • imageAltText Traders await today's set of speeches

    Europe holds its breath as this weekend will see the crucial pan-European voting figures tallied. No, not on Greek debt repayments but the Eurovision song contest, a template for how we can all come together as one big happy family.

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