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What’s inside?

We’ve analysed a series of funds across five key markets to track their performance across ranges from one month to five years. The report shows the correlation between performance and the gender of the fund managers.

The report also includes expert commentary from Katja Berhman, general partner and co-founder at BRIGHTLY Ventures. She discusses how women strive to empower other females within the industry, 'women tend to recruit or put forward more female candidates to board positions and senior-level management positions.’

Berhman also shares advice she’d give to young women looking to get involved in the finance industry, as well as what she believes is the best ‘recipe’ for success in this industry.

What do hedge fund managers and portfolio managers need to know about the gender gap?

Here are some key points from the report:

  • There are much lower proportions of women in leadership roles across international funds compared to men
  • The gender of the fund manager shouldn’t be a deciding factor when investing
  • More should be done to support gender equality in the workplace, as it’s an important factor in promoting inclusivity

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