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What’s inside?

We’ve collected and analysed companies’ share prices, market caps and IPO figures in three markets – the UK, US and Hong Kong – to determine:

  • Where trends within IPOs lie and the performance of companies since listing
  • How IPO performance varies across sectors
  • What impact an IPO has on share price performance over time and how this varies depending on company location

What do hedge fund managers and portfolio managers need to know about IPO trends?

Here are some key points from the report:

  • Energy companies saw the biggest losses since IPO – there’s growing concern for companies within this sector, as our research shows they don’t hold good long-term opportunities for investors
  • IPOs in both US and UK stocks gained greater value over the long term – our analysis suggests that holding onto shares over a longer period of time is more likely to generate decent returns
  • Real estate had the highest market capitalisation in UK and Hong Kong markets – while this may not be the best investment in terms of share value, there’s significant scope for expanding a portfolio within this market

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