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What’s inside?

To review the current state of crypto in the hedge fund market, we carried out a survey of 100 hedge fund managers to reveal

  • The impact of regulations on hedge funds that are, or looking to, invest in crypto
  • The latest crypto trends and how hedge funds have performed since investing in them
  • Strategies used by hedge funds to invest in crypto and their intended use for them
  • What the future landscape of crypto looks like for institutional investors

What hedge fund and portfolio managers need to know about crypto

Here are some key points from the report:

  • Cryptocurrencies are on the rise in hedge funds and more managers are predicted to invest in them in the coming years – countries are making progressive steps towards making crypto a more standardised asset and investors should take advantage of these opportunities
  • Those looking to plan a long-term strategy around crypto will benefit from anticipating regulatory oversight – following the new regulations China and other countries have enforced around crypto trading, the next few years will be pivotal for crypto and investors should account for any regulations and changes that could be implemented
  • As the market grows, there’ll be more need for crypto prime brokers – infrastructure around crypto is constantly evolving, with crypto prime brokers helping to streamline the back-end processes of trading in crypto markets

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