Getting technical:
A guide to trend trading

Technical analysis (TA) is used to identify market trends to help traders forecast and capture opportunities within the market. Find out how using TA might elevate your trades with our free ebook – written in partnership with Bloomberg.

Download your guide today and discover:

The different trend trading strategies, and variety of technical indicators

Ways to use these tools to identify market trend direction which can potentially provide trade signals

Variety of advanced analytical techniques to capture price movements

How to build strategies for short-term and long-term trading

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What's inside?

I. An introduction to trends

  • An introduction to reading market trends with technical analysis
  • How to use line chart, bar chart and candlestick chart to read market trends

II. Fundamentals

  • Important concepts about support and resistance levels
  • What are some different indicators or factors to look out for when identifying trends?

III. Advanced TA

  • Popular technical indicators to incorporate into your short-term and long-term trading strategies
  • In-depth understanding of popular indicators like leading and lagging indicators

IV. Building your TA strategy

  • Putting it together by charting against different time frames and back testing
  • How to start building your holistic trading strategies to fit your trading style

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