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What’s inside?

We’ve conducted research using a combination of quantitative and qualitative analysis, expert opinions and market insights to help you:

  • Understand the economic similarities and differences between the 2008 global financial crisis and the current recession
  • Know why 86% of hedge fund managers describe the pandemic as ‘negative’ or ‘very negative’ for their funds
  • Assess the operational, technological and regulatory trends that will affect future investments
  • Adapt your investment strategies to take advantage of opportunities in a post-Covid world

How will Covid-19 affect hedge funds, those that manage them and the industry as a whole?

Here are some key points to guide you:

  • A greater need for flexibility – to keep the wheels turning during a pandemic, flexibility is paramount. Companies that facilitate and embrace this are likely to be strong performers.
  • Increased use of technology for daily operations – businesses have adapted, streamlined and cut costs to survive the ongoing crisis. We’ll see a move towards an increasingly virtual working environment.
  • Transparency and decreased risk – in a post-Covid world, businesses will need to be more accountable and consumer-focused. Those who achieve this will be a strong stock market performer.
  • More focus on personal well-being – Covid-19 has forced people to take more interest in their own health. Now, more than ever, there’s greater interest in health products and companies.
  • Local businesses vs corporations – the ongoing crisis has created a social media movement in support of small and local businesses. This could force a scaling back on retail stocks in favour of alternative assets.

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