The Future of Trading

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The Future of Trading

What will trading technology look like in 50 years? Read a time traveller’s report from the year 2069, then have your say in our public poll.


Trading is powered by thought

Thanks to thought-powered trading technology, traders can open and close positions with their minds, sense the markets moving, and communicate with each other brain-to-brain.

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Big data is pocket-sized

Pocket-sized quantum computers power predictive AI, which analyses big data sets in search of the latest trends and suggests ways for traders to capitalise on potential price movements.

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Technical analysis is strategic

Trading algorithms have become so advanced that they can highlight opportunities, suggest strategies, and adapt to changing market conditions – maximising the potential for profit.

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‘Smart reports’ update in real time

Artificially intelligent assistants scan financial data to produce ‘smart reports’, which update in real time and alert traders to any information that could affect the value of their portfolios.

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Risk management is automatic

Platforms can suggest hedging strategies or adjust stops and limits to reduce a trader’s total market exposure, while taking their emotions and preferred risk-to-reward ratio into account.

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