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Trade over 90 currency pairs, with spreads starting from just 0.8 pips

Major pairs

Minimum spreads

Spot FX AUD/USD 0.8
Spot FX EUR/USD 0.8
Spot FX USD/JPY 0.8
Spot FX EUR/JPY 1.7
Spot FX USD/CHF 1.9


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Access the world's top indices with spreads from just 0.4 points

Popular markets

Standard in-hours spreads 

Australia 200 1
Wall Street 1.8
US 500 0.4
US Tech 100 1
FTSE 100 1
Hong Kong HS50 10
Japan 225 8


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Our stock index trading service.


Go long or short on over 6000 shares, with spreads and commissions as low as 0.1%.

Share category

Spread/commission from

Australia (major) 0.10%
US (major) 0.10%
Europe (major) 0.10%
UK FTSE 250 0.25%
US (other) 0.15%
UK FTSE 100 0.10%


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Our shares service.

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Trade on a huge range of commodities with low spreads


Spreads from

Spot Gold 0.5 points
Spot Silver (5000oz) 3 points
Brent Crude Oil 6 points
Light Crude Oil 6 points


Full commodities costs and details

Our commodities service

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