Binary options

Fast-paced, time-capped, limited-risk markets: Our pioneering binary markets give you an exciting and different approach to trading

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Why trade binaries with IG?

  • The trusted provider
    Benefit from our superior technology and service

  • Variety of binary types
    Including One touch, Ladder, Tunnel and Up/Down

  • Full range of markets
    Choose from indices, FX, commodities, shares and more

  • Timeframes to suit you
    From hourly to daily, weekly and monthly

  • More opportunities to trade 
    Take a position even in the flattest markets  

  • Limit your risk
    Know your potential profit and loss up front

New and improved binary charts

You're never far away from the next opportunity to trade with our binary charts:

  • An all-new interface designed — simply locate your chosen binary in the Finder and click on the chart symbol
  • Three strikes and the underlying market in one glance
  • Auto-refreshing after each market expiry


How do binaries work?

A binary is generally based on a single question with a yes/no answer. For example:

Will the underlying market do X before the binary expires?

If you're right at the time of expiry, you win. If you're wrong, you lose.

Place a trade

Step 1 - Choose a market and the appropriate binary type, based on what you think will happen.

Step 2 - Select your timeframe

Step 3 - Choose your stake and work out your maximum potential profit and loss

Does this sound like you?

  • I want to know exactly how much I’m risking

    Binaries can offer a high return on unlikely scenarios – all while limiting your risk.    

  • I want exciting short-term opportunities

    Take advantage of short-term movements with positions from just 60 minutes.

  • I want to tailor trades to suit my situation

    Choose from a vast array of binary types, markets and timeframes to fit your strategy.

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How are IG binaries priced?

Our binary prices are based on the behaviour of an underlying market, but set by our dealing desk. Each binary is priced between 0 and 100, according to three factors: 

  • time to expiry
  • the underlying market’s current value
  • our expectation of future volatility

This means that if you think you’re a better judge of volatility than us, you have the opportunity to back your judgement.

What special binaries can I trade?

We offer IG binaries on a number of major economic indicators, such as US non-farm payrolls and US initial jobless claims. You can also trade politics-based binaries around special events, such as the elections.



The fast-moving nature of IG binaries provides the possibility of short-term gains, alongside any potential losses. Although binaries are limited risk, you should be aware that there is still the potential to make substantial losses as well as gains.

Buying the 'FTSE to finish up' binary

Underlying market/value

MSCI Singapore Free Index 380

Our price

Singapore Blue Chip to rise [>383.5] 67.2 – 76.2


Buy at 76.2

Trade size

One contract

Each contract is worth USD 10 per point

Margin required

USD 762

Binary price x contract size x no. of contracts

What happens next?

The market rises by the close. The official closing level of the MSCI

Singapore Free Index, as reported by Bloomberg, is 385

Underlying market 385

Sell at 100

Gross profit

SGD 238

100 – 76.2 = 23.8

Value of one point = SGD 10

23.8 x SGD10 = SGD 238

A (variable) spread of 9 points was applied to the opening spread price

Net profit

SGD 238

What if... If the underlying market had dropped by the same amount and settled at 735, the binary would have settled at 0 resulting in a loss of USD 762



Types of binary


At expiry, will the market be higher or lower than your chosen levels?

For when you think a market will move by a certain amount, but aren’t sure which direction.


Will the market be higher or lower at expiry?

A type of ladder, you decide whether the market will finish above or below a certain level.

One touch

Will the market hit a specific level before expiry?

One touches pay out if you’re right, even if the market price only stays there for seconds.


At expiry, do you think the market will close within a specified range?

If you know both the direction and the level that a market will finish at, try target binaries. 


Can you predict the range your market’s daily high or low will fall in?

Have an opinion on how volatile the market will be through the day? Choose Hi-Lo binaries.


Will the market remain between two chosen levels until expiry?

Buy if you think markets will stay flat, sell if you expect the market to hit either on of the chosen levels.