Watch one of our on-demand seminars and learn more about forex, indices and CFDs.

On-demand seminars

Understanding forex

This seminar introduces you to the principles of foreign exchange and how to trade forex using our platform. Presented by Stan Shamu.

Understanding indices

This seminar introduces you to indices, how they are calculated and what affects them. Presented by Stan Shamu.

Understanding share CFDs

This seminar covers the basics of share CFD trading with IG, how CFDs differ from physical shares and what drives this asset class.Presented by Stan Shamu.

Correlations in the markets

This seminar explores the importance of making correlations in the markets for various asset classes. Presented by Chris Weston.


Our speakers have extensive experience working in the financial markets and have been trained to guide you through every aspect of CFD trading.

Chris Weston
Chief market strategist

Stan Shamu
Market analyst

Evan Lucas
Market analyst