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Our speakers have extensive experience working in the financial markets and have been trained to guide you through every aspect of trading and the markets

Simon Brown bought his first shares the week before the crash of 1987 and has been actively involved in the local stock market since the mid 1990's, just as the dot com boom was getting under way. He started his first website in 2000 (SAWarrants) before selling it in 2007 to join Standard Online Share Trading. He left in 2010 to start JustOneLap, a website dedicated to teaching South Africans about money in all its aspects; from personal finance to investing and through to trading.

He is a regular contributor on BusinesDayTV and FinWeek and is passionate about markets and teaching and takes the view that while this is not rocket science there is a lot to learn to become successful.

When not watching a trading screen Simon is most likely taking photographs, surfing or eating chocolate and drinking coffee. 

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