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Marketing partnership FAQs

Find out everything you need to know about partnering with us.

Joining our marketing partnership program

Who can join the program?

You must be an individual over 18 years old or a company. 

Please note that while we’ll consider your application carefully, in some circumstances we may not be able to work with every prospective partner.

Do I need a website? 


Yes, we can only work with marketing partners who have one or more active websites.

You can use multiple websites, but please note that all sites participating in our partnership program must be approved by IG.

How do I apply?



Please get in touch by completing our email inquiry form here.

Which documents do I need to supply?

Our regulators require us to verify all applications, so we’ll ask you to submit following:
  • For individuals, proof of identity including your name, date of birth and social security number
  • For companies, details including your certificate of incorporation, company identification number and business address
At payment stage we’ll need your bank details, and in some cases we may need your official register of shareholders holding over 25% and their ID documents.
We provide full details of the documents you may need to supply in section 5.1 of our agreement document.

How will IG support me as a partner?

Each partner has a dedicated marketing partnership manager.

Your marketing partnership manager can advise on the best-converting marketing tools for your needs. They’ll be happy to explain the features of our marketing partnership platform, including the dashboard and performance reports, as well as answering any other questions.

Promoting IG

How can I promote IG?




You can find our marketing tools – including banners, direct links and more – on our marketing partnership platform. Simply select those that are relevant to your audience and implement them on your website.

We offer a range of solutions designed to attract visitors across all platforms and convert them into active traders.

When can I access IG’s marketing tools?

Once your application is accepted, you’ll be able to log in to our marketing partnership platform and view our catalogue of marketing tools.

How do I apply?



Please get in touch by completing our email inquiry form.

Can I promote IG in any country?

No, you can only promote IG to US residents.

What is the target audience?

Our products are not suitable for everyone, so we aim to target our audience carefully.
Our purpose as a company is to empower informed, decisive, adventurous people to access opportunities in financial markets. This means we’re interested in people with both the means and ability to trade. They could be:
  • Already actively trading – using spot forex or similar products
  • Considering trading – intending to start trading forex or similar products, or to restart after a period of inactivity
  • Potential traders – financially engaged individuals, probably already investing online, who could benefit from adding our leveraged products to their portfolios

Are there any rules for writing content about IG?

Yes, the content must be:
  • Fair
  • Balanced
  • Not misleading
  • Targeted to an appropriate audience
Please note that we monitor each website in our program on a monthly basis, and your marketing partnership manager will work with you to make sure the content is in line with our rules.

The tracking process

How will you recognise clients referred by me?





Each marketing partner has unique partnership ID. We include this in the tracking code that we assign to any marketing tool you select from our catalogue for use on your website. 

When a user clicks a banner or tracking link on your site, a cookie is dropped on their computer. This tells us that the prospect was referred by you.

Can I access my performance reports?


Yes, you’ll be able access your performance reports on our marketing partnership platform, after you join our program.

How long do you track prospects for?




Once a prospect clicks on your IG banner or link, a cookie will be dropped in their browser. Any registration within a 30-day validation period will then be recorded, unless the user clears their browser cookies. Cookies reset every time a potential client clicks on a marketing partner’s link.

Commission and payments

How does your compensation plan work?





In the US, we offer a CPL plan, where we pay you for each client who opens an account with us.

You can find full details of our compensation plans on our payment plans page.

Can I refer other partners?


Yes, you can become a master partner and make referrals, by agreement with your marketing partnership manager.

Which payment methods do you offer?

You can choose to be paid by: 
  • Bank transfer 
  • Direct deposit to your IG trading account 

What is your payment frequency?

We pay commission monthly, in the month after it was generated. For example, if you earn commission in March, we’ll pay it in April.

Is there minimum commission payment?

No, there is no minimum commission payment.