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Download our report about Brexit’s impact on exports

Find out how Britain’s biggest exports have been affected by Brexit

Learn if other countries have capitalised on Britain’s departure

Discover which countries have become Europe’s top exporters since 2020

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What’s inside?

Between coronavirus and Brexit, 2020 brought a great deal of instability. IG Prime’s post-Brexit economies report unpacks the true impact of Brexit on UK exports and:

  • Provides an insight into Brexit’s effect on trade across Europe
  • Identifies exporting trends and divergences, following the events of 2020
  • Reveals areas of potential growth for markets as a whole and individual products

What hedge fund and portfolio managers need to know about European trade

Here are some key points from the report:

  • Industries growing in European markets — there is growing potential for certain industries to open up even more as the commodity supply from the UK decreases
  • Small economies have seen large growths in export — Some small-sized economies may offer unique opportunities to investors, but at a high risk
  • The impact events in 2020 have had on imports — there has been volatility across almost every market studied in the report

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