Advanced platform features

Our platforms provide more than just the essentials: they’re a rich source of relevant information, and offer sophisticated trading and analysis tools

As you develop your trading skills and explore different techniques, we can support you on your journey. As well as the core platform functions, we provide a number of additional advanced platform features to help you.

Trading signals

As well as providing alerts to let you know about potential opportunities, we also supply ‘buy’ or ‘sell’ signals, in our web platform’s Signal Centre. These signals come from both Autochartist – automated software that scans the markets and analyses data – as well as PIA First, a trading strategy service from professional analysts.

These signal providers continuously monitor market movements, looking for any significant trend or pattern developing that could constitute a signal to trade. You can view a list of recent signals in Signal Centre on the platform – or set up alerts to have them delivered to you as they occur.

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Advanced dealing options

We also allow you to take more control over the way your position is set up, to increase your chances of successful execution.

There will be times when your full order can’t be filled at the price offered to you when you place the trade – usually when it’s a large order and there isn’t sufficient volume of the asset available at that price in the underlying market. It can also happen in volatile markets, if a price moves so rapidly that it changes before the trade can be executed.

When these situations arise, we’ll cancel the whole order so it’s not filled at a price you didn’t want.

At IG we also offer ways for you to tailor how your trades are executed, to ensure this doesn’t happen. For example, in the ‘advanced options’ area on our deal ticket.

  • If you choose accept partial fill, as much of your order as possible will be filled at the price you request, with the remainder being cancelled
  • Setting points through current means that if the price moves before the trade can be executed, your order will still be accepted at the new price – as long as the movement doesn’t exceed the number of points you specify
  • By selecting market order, you’re giving permission for your trade to be filled at the best price available, no matter how far it is from the price you request

Choosing any of these options reduces the chance that your order will be rejected and you’ll have to resubmit it.

‘Tear-off’ prices and charts

We offer you the ability to keep a separate deal ticket or chart open, even when you’ve closed the main platform. This is useful if you want to keep an eye on a market while you’re doing other things. And because you can usually deal by clicking directly on the ‘torn off’ ticket, it helps you to act quickly if you see an opportunity.

Advanced charting tools

We offer our clients access to ProRealTime, an advanced charting package combining technical analysis and dealing that includes a range of customisation options and analysis tools. 

ProRealTime’s software can analyse charts for you, removing the need to pore over them constantly when you’re looking for opportunities to trade. Its tools can automatically draw and update trend lines, or highlight technical indicators of your choice.

The software can also recognise when chart patterns are forming. Patterns are recognised shapes that appear on a market’s chart, which often tend to play out in a similar way when they occur.  They can therefore be used as indicators to forecast the likely future direction of a market. 

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Below is an example of a ‘head and shoulders’ chart pattern – one of the formations commonly seen, where a market hits two successively higher peaks followed by a lower peak. This signals that the market is likely to go into a downtrend.

The automated pattern-recognition software ProRealTime uses can highlight when a chart pattern has begun to form – something that can require skill and vigilance to detect with the human eye. It will then send you an alert, so you can take a look at the situation and decide how you want to respond.

Automated trading

We also offer access to automated trading technology, via both ProRealTime and MetaTrader4, a leading platform in automated trading. Automated trading can help take some of the legwork out of analysing the markets and managing your positions, allowing you to build your own algorithms in-platform – these will then trigger trades when your conditions are met.

Direct market access (DMA)

Our downloadable L2 Dealer platform gives you the option to trade shares and forex CFDs, or actual shares, directly in the underlying market – as opposed to trading on the IG spread. 

Many traders choose to use DMA because of the improved pricing and liquidity it gives them, as well as the larger range of order options available. However, with this increased choice comes increased complexity – DMA isn’t usually suitable for novice traders.

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