Integrated access to the leading web-based charting package, now with automated trading

Simply create an account or log in to access ProRealTime.

Why use ProRealTime?

  • Over 100 indicators covering everything from price to volatility

  • Improved interface fully integrated with the new IG Trading platform 

  • Fully customisable layouts, colours, product groups and chart cursor

  • Trade and set orders directly from charts

  • New options tools with a range of enhanced features as standard

  • True real-time tick-by-tick charting

ProOrder automated trading

  • Part of the ProRealTime platform
  • Trailing stops available
  • Automate your CFD trading
  • Build strategies using assisted creation tools, or code them from scratch
  • Import and export strategies, including those created by third parties
  • Trades are executed day or night, even if your computer is turned off
  • Back test against up to 30 years of historical data

Build your own strategy using our quick start guide.



Advanced technical analysis


Trend lines are drawn for you and updated every five minutes


Set personalised criteria to alert you to market movements

Easy order placement

Place orders directly from your charts with a simplified interface

Custom indicators

Create your own indicators using the ProBuilder language

Improved options functionality

The chain window and scenario tool provide an even broader view of options.

Chain window

Sort options by expiration date or filter them by minimum and maximum strike price. This feature also gives you access to performance charts, and allows you to place an order via the bid and ask columns.

Scenario tool

Compare scenarios across different prices. View its profit/loss profile, theoretical option price and greeks, based on your own parameters or real-time data. And when you’re ready, you can place the order directly from the tool.

How do I get it?

1. Create an account

Creating an account is hassle-free and can be done in minutes.

3. Add ProRealTime

Go to My Account > Preferences and activate ProRealTime. Once enabled, activate ProOrder from the same screen.

2. Log in

Log in to our web-based platform to access ProRealTime.

4. Launch ProRealTime

Open the Tools menu and click ProRealTime.

You can get access to ProRealTime charts at no extra cost if you transact at least four times in a given month. Otherwise there is a 45 CHF per month fee. We reserve the right to charge you for the service if your qualifying trades are of an extremely low value. Log in or create an account to get started.

Open an account now

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