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Because there’s placing a trade. And there’s seizing the moment. 

The best available prices from multiple venues

Download our DMA platform to access improved liquidity and smarter pricing on shares and FX, via primary exchanges, market makers, brokers and MTF dark pools. 


Put an absolute limit on your risk

Using a guaranteed stop ensures that your trade is closed at your chosen level, with no slippage, even in volatile markets.*

Reduce the chance of price rejection in volatile markets

We’ve introduced a partial fill option for online trades, so you have a greater chance of successful execution at larger sizes. Just one of our advanced trading options. 

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  • DMA trading

    Direct access to shares and FX markets with our DMA platform

  • Guaranteed stops

    Protect your profits and limit your losses with guaranteed stops

  • Advanced Platforms

    Discover our suite of advanced platforms for traders looking to get an extra edge

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* If the market suddenly gaps beyond your stop level, your position may be closed at a worse level than requested. This is known as slippage. To avoid slippage you can add a guaranteed stop, an optional add-on which must be manually selected unless your account includes it automatically. A small premium is payable if your guaranteed stop is triggered.