Trading alerts

React instantly to market events with automatic alerts for desktop and mobile

Why set up trading alerts?

  • Get alerted even when you’re not logged into the platform

  • Create customised alerts with ProRealTime advanced charts

  • Build alerts using popular technical indicators

  • Free up your trading time

Get economic results the moment they come out

  • Set alerts for upcoming events
  • Get macroeconomic figures as soon as they are released
  • Set reminders to notify you up to 60 minutes before an event happens
  • Get alerts by push notification on your mobile, in the platform or by email
  • Just tick the box next to your chosen event in our economic calendar to receive an alert

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Price alerts

  • Respond to price movements as they happen
  • Create instant buy and sell price alerts on all our markets
  • Free notifications immediately sent by email, SMS or push notification 
  • Use as part of your risk management strategy – price alerts keep your positions open, so you can decide when to take action

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Alerts on the move

  • Set and receive price alerts wherever you are
  • Log in straight from push notification alerts
  • Available on our award-winning mobile and tablet apps*

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Technical indicator alerts

  • Create alerts using popular indicators: Moving Average, Exponential Moving Average, MACD, RSI, Standard Deviation, Stochastic, Bollinger Band, Price and volume (share CFDs only)
  • Place and create indicator alerts through our free integrated charts
  • Create simple or complex conditions by combining up to four different indicators

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  • Free for all IG clients
  • Monitors the markets on your behalf
  • Alerts you to potential trading opportunities
  • Advanced pattern recognition tool
  • Set audio and visual alerts available

ProRealTime alerts

  • Part of ProRealTime advanced charts
  • Customise alerts using price level, trend lines and indicators 
  • Choose from 100s of indicators
  • Suite of advanced charting tools to complement your trading 

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