Olivier Delamarche

Founding member of Les Econoclastes, director of Platinium Gestion and acting partner of PrimeView Swiss

Olivier Delamarche started his career alongside Jean Borjeix as an analyst at Pinatton.

Later he took on the roles of sales and equity trader at Pinatton, then at Wargny, and finally at Leven. In 2005 he created the company Platinium Gestion.

Today he is a strategist at Platinum Management, has a weekly show on BFM Business and created in 2016 PrimeView Swiss with Pierre Sabatier in order to respond to the macroeconomic intelligence needs of institutionals and corporates.

At Les Econoclastes, Olivier is an evening host, the organizer of the Wednesday night dinners and a macroeconomic analyst. He is deployed whenever necessary to set the record straight or help viewers form their own opinions on the factual data and always without bias.

Follow Olivier Delamarche on Twitter :  @ODelamarche