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Trade CFDs on more than 35 key UK and Australian sectors

We offer sectors from Australia and the UK, providing exposure to a basket of related stocks with a single trade.

  • We charge no commission on sectors; all you pay is the spread
  • The spread is normally 0.2% per side for all contracts on all sectors
  • The margin required is 5% of the underlying contract value
  • The minimum transaction size for sector CFDs is one contract

We offer standard and mini contracts on the following sectors:

Australian sectors

  • Consumer Discretionary
  • Energy
  • Financials
  • Healthcare
  • Materials
  • Industrial
  • Consumer Staples
  • Utilities

UK sectors

  • Aerospace & Defence
  • Banks
  • Beverages
  • Chemicals
  • Construction and Materials
  • Electricity
  • Electronic and Electrical Equipment
  • Equity Investment Instruments
  • Fixed Line Telecoms
  • Food and Drug Retailers
  • Food Producers
  • FTSE Mid 250
  • General Retailers
  • Health Care Equipment and Services
  • Household Goods and Home Construction
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Industrial Transportation
  • Leisure, Entertainment and Hotels
  • Life Assurance
  • Media
  • Mining
  • Mobile Telecoms
  • Nonlife Insurance
  • Oil and Gas Producers
  • Oil Equipment and Services
  • Personal Goods
  • Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology
  • Real Estate Investment Trusts
  • Software and Computer Services
  • Speciality Finance
  • Support Services
  • Techmark
  • Technology, Hardware & Equipment
  • Tobacco
  • Utilities


Our Sectors are a special form of CFD that give you exposure to changes in the value of shares in specified sectors but cannot result in the delivery of any share or instrument by or to you.

1. The dealing spread is normally 0.1% per side for all contracts on all sectors. Spreads are subject to variation, especially in volatile market conditions.

2. For limited risk transactions, a limited risk premium is charged on the opening.

3. The minimum transaction size is one contract.

4. One standard contract is equivalent to £10 (per sector point) for UK sectors and $10 (per sector point) for Australian sectors. One mini contract is equivalent to £2 (per sector point) for UK sectors and $2 (per sector point) for Australian sectors.

5. The margin requirement is 5% of the underlying contract value (the level the transaction is opened at multiplied by the number of contracts multiplied by the value of one contract).

6. UK sectors can be dealt from 8.15am to 4.30pm (London time). Australian sectors can be dealt from 10.10am to 4pm (Sydney time).

7. For sectors, adjustments to reflect the effect of interest and dividends are calculated daily and posted to your account weekly.

i) Interest adjustments are calculated as follows:

D = n x L x C x i / A


D = daily interest adjustment
n = number of contracts
L = contract size
C = current sector price
i = applicable annual interest rate
A = annual divisor, which is 365 for UK sectors and 360 for Austalian sectors.

Interest in respect of long positions is debited from your account and interest in respect of short positions is credited to your account at rates which are agreed with you.

ii) A dividend adjustment is applied when a component share passes its ex-dividend date (including the ex-date of any special dividend) in the underlying stock market. In the case of long positions, the dividend adjustment is credited to your account. In the case of short positions, the dividend adjustment is debited from your account.

8. When you trade in a currency other than your base currency your profit or loss will be realised in that currency and will be booked to your account in that currency. As a default, we will automatically, and on a daily basis, convert any positive or negative balance on your account in a currency other than your base currency to your base currency. You may change this default at any time by calling us or via our trading platform.

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It’s free to open an account and there’s no obligation to fund or trade.

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