How can IG fit into your strategy?


Sport’s smartest strategists have always prized flexibility - the ability to adapt to prevailing conditions.


Protecting a lead? Go short.
Need to score? Go long.
Got a dominant player? Leverage your best asset.


IG is Australia's leading provider of CFDs, an investment product flexible enough to adapt to whatever the market throws your way.



Contracts for difference, or CFDs, provide this flexibility. Whether we’re in a bull or bear market, you can play smart and trade up (long) or down (short) to capitalise on opportunities as they arise. And, as you’re contracting with your provider rather than an exchange, you get to play on a truly global stage.

This opens up all kinds of strategic advantages:


With over 16,000 markets to choose from, from Apple to Facebook, USD to EUR, Sugar to Steel.


Make your money work harder through leverage, with full market exposure for just a fraction of the contract value. However, with increased leverage comes increased risk.


Risk management tools ensure your downside is protected, so the upside can look after itself.


Hedge against falls in the value of your portfolio.


Trade around the clock on global markets.


Trade in real time on the value of thousands of assets or position swiftly ahead of global movements.

Strategists align themselves with the best


We introduced CFDs to Australia in 2002 and are now Australia’s No. 1 CFD and FX provider*. We’re also the world’s largest CFD provider** with offices in 17 countries around the world, part of IG Group Holdings plc, a FTSE 250 company with a market capitalisation of £1.98 billion (31 May 2019).

IG is a founding member of the Australian CFD and FX Forum and is regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).



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* By primary relationships, Investment Trends August 2017 CFD Report & December 2017 FX Report.

** Based on revenue excluding FX (published half yearly financial statements, June 2019)