Professional trading

As an experienced trader, you may be eligible to be classified as a wholesale client, and therefore qualify for an IG professional account. You will unlock a wide range of enhanced benefits, including higher-level volume rebates and lower margins.

Lower margin rates

Qualify for an IG professional account and your margin rates will decrease on many markets.

Standard Pro
Major FX 0.50% 0.40%
Major indices 0.50% 0.40%
Gold 0.70% 0.56%
Oils 1.50% 1.20%
Bitcoin 10% 8%
Shares 5% 4%

Volume based rebates

If you're a regular trader, you could be eligible for monthly cash rebates based on your trading activity. To qualify, you will need to have traded the minimum monthly volume in one asset class within a calendar month.

If your trading volume qualifies you for a tier in one asset class, you will also qualify for a rebate in another asset class at the same tier level even if you didn't meet the notional trade volume in that asset class. For more details, and to view our full terms and conditions, click here.

How it works?

Example A If your notional trade value for the month on FX is US$500 million and commodities US$32 million, you would qualify for a tier 3 rebate of US$11 per million traded for FX and also US$11 per million traded for commodities, your monthly rebate would therefore be:

500 (USD million notional traded FX) x 11 (Pro rebate per million traded) = US$5500 or 32 (USD million notional traded commodities) x 11 (Pro rebate per million trade) = US$352, giving you a total rebate of US$5852 or A$80162

Example B If during the same month your notional traded for indices was US$95 million, you would also qualify for tier 3 rebate of US$8 per million traded. This is simply because you have met the threshold for tier 3 in another asset class, even though you have not met the tier 3 threshold for indices. In addition to your other rebate, the calculation for your indices rebate would now be:

95 (USD million notional traded) x 8 (tier 3 rebate per million traded) = US$760 or AU$10412

Making your total rebate for the calendar month to be: AU$8016 + AU$1041 = AU$90572

Pro features

  • Reduced margin rates

    Enjoy 20% lower margin rates on major indices, FX, shares and cryptocurrencies.

  • Volume based rebates

    Higher-level cash rebates rewarded monthly. Find out more.

  • Personal service

    As a professional account holder, you may be eligible for access to a dedicated account manager.

Explore the IG professional account

Discover the enhanced trading package available to certian traders, and how you can qualify.

Am I eligible for an IG professional account?

If you are able to answer ‘yes’ to both the following, you may be eligible:

  • You have consistently traded leveraged derivatives over the last four quarters?
  • You have net assets of at least A$2.5 million, or you have gross income for each of the last two financial years of at least A$250,000?

What if I’m not eligible?

The benefits of choosing IG

Founded in 1974 as the first company of our kind, we’ve been at the forefront of our industry ever since. More traders trust us with their money than anyone else, making us Australia's No.1 choice for CFD and FX trading.1

Protected funds

Rest assured that when you trade with us, your funds are safeguarded in a range of ways.

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Intuitive platforms

Find the perfect vehicle for your trading from our range of platforms and apps.

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Greater opportunity

Choose from over 15,000 markets, with many available for out-of-hours dealing.

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Friendly, expert support

Get help 24 hours a day, from 1pm Saturday to 7am Saturday (AEST).

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Effective risk management

Use our range of stop and limit orders to help protect your interests.

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Timely news and analysis

Inform your decisions with in-platform market insight.

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Not eligible?

You can still trade over 15,000 markets on our award-winning platform with an IG trading account.

IG professional account FAQs

What if I’m not eligible for an IG professional account?

If you're not eligible, that's not a problem – you can trade as a retail client with us. You’ll have access to the same powerful platforms and great customer service we offer our retail clients.

What’s the difference between an IG trading account and an IG professional account?

With an IG trading account, you’ll need to hold more margin to cover your positions than a professional account would.

What protections do wholesale clients forego?

As a wholesale client, some of the protections that are afforded to retail clients by the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) may not be afforded to you. Such protections include (but are not limited to) the issuing of a Product Disclosure Statement (PDS), which we would have previously provided to you as a retail client.

Moreover, as a wholesale client, the applicable Future of Financial Advice (FoFA) requirements relating to conflicted remuneration do not apply.

We may assume a level of knowledge and experience when assessing whether our products are appropriate for wholesale clients.

What if I don't already have an IG trading account?

Before you can apply for a professional account, you will need to first apply for a standard account and then upgrade to a professional account. To check whether you are eligible for an IG professional account click here.

Will my level of client money protection change?

Importantly, as a wholesale client, we will continue to segregate your money and assets in the same way as before in accordance with the client money provisions of the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth).

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1 Number 1 in Australia by primary relationships, Investment Trends December 2017 FX Report. Investment Trends August 2017 CFD Report.

2Total value is calculated based on the end-of-day FX rate on the rebate calculation date. All rebate amounts are calculated in US Dollar terms and paid in the account currency.

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