Placing a deal on mobile

Find out how to place a trade using our Apple or Android apps

Click on a tab to see how to place a deal on your mobile device.

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Ready to put theory into practice?

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Ready to put theory into practice?

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You can use your IG account to stay ahead of the markets on the move, by downloading the IG Trading app for Android or Apple. Here’s a guide to placing a trade on either app.

Opening a position

  1. To find a market on Android, tap the ‘search’ icon on the top right of the screen. On Apple, hit the ‘markets’ option in the bottom bar.
  2. Type in the market you’re looking to trade, and then select it from the resulting list. 
  3. You’ll then be presented with a deal ticket. Tap the blue button to buy the market, or the red button to sell the market. 
  4. Enter the size of your position. You can also attach any stops and limits you wish to add here. 
  5. Once you’re ready, hit the ‘place deal’ button and we’ll confirm your trade.

Monitoring and closing your positions

  1. To view your open positions on Android, hit the menu icon in the top left, then hit ‘positions’. On Apple, hit the ‘positions’ button on the bottom bar.
  2. Tap a position to see its profit or loss, and to add or adjust any stops and limits on the trade.
  3. You can also close your position from here, by going to the ‘close’ tab on Apple or the ‘close position’ tab on Android.
  4. From there, hit the green ‘close position’ button and your position will be closed.

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