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The ‘research’ tab in our platform provides everything you need to build an effective trading strategy. You can find it at the top of the platform once you’ve logged in to your account.

Market data

In market data, you’ll find a breakdown of the latest news and analysis from IG, as well as real-time company announcements.

You’ll also find a number of graphics illustrating the general positions IG clients are taking on the markets. You can use these to identify the markets our clients are trading most frequently, as well as the shares that have seen the biggest price movements in the past day, week or month.

To view this data for an individual market, click on the pie chart icon next to its name.

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News and analysis

This is where our in-house experts look at the global markets in greater detail, examining emerging trends to watch and upcoming trading opportunities. There’s a mix of general analysis and focussed pieces on individual markets, so you’ll find everything you need here.

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Other areas to use

There are lots of other features on the research tab that can help your trading. You might also want to take advantage of:

  • The economic calendar, which reveals when key announcements are taking place
  • Trading skills, which provides guides to the trading concepts you need to know
  • The market screener, which you can use to sort through the markets quickly and easily
  • IG community, where you can discuss the markets with other traders

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