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Try our free trading app for BlackBerry

  • Open, edit and close positions, or see all open positions

  • Check intraday highs, lows, changes and percentage changes

  • View your real-time balance, profit & loss and margin requirements

  • Set stops and limits, including guaranteed stops*

  • Add, edit and delete working orders

Quick, efficient mobile trading

The BlackBerry app gives you a wealth of trading functionality; view, edit or close your existing positions, or open a new position across our full range of markets.

You can also create working orders to trigger a new position should your chosen market hit a particular level, amend or delete existing orders, or add stops and limits to any of your open positions.

Flexible charting

Our flexible snapshot charts are available on any market. Pick from a range of timescales, from one minute to one month, and four styles of charts – line, mountain, bar and candle – to suit your needs.

Live prices and account info

You can view your existing watchlists, including preset lists of popular markets and your personalised collection of favourites, all in one place. From your watchlists you can see live streaming prices, and open a market for more information or to place a trade.

You can also get live streaming information on your account standing, from your balance and deposit information to a running profit/loss across all positions.


Operating System: 4.5.0 or higher

Why IG?

We are committed to protecting your money by segregating all individual clients’ funds, including your net running, unrealised profits in approved, top-tier banks, whether retail or professional. This is over and above what is required by ASIC.

Leading innovation for 40 years

Part of IG Group Holding PLC, a member of the FTSE 250

Trades per month through mobile devices1

Net global trading revenue2

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* To control your risk, guaranteed stop losses are available. They are an optional feature and need to be selected. They are also subject to an additional charge.

1 IG globally, May 2014

2 IG globally, year ending 31 May 2014

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