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Trading strategy and market update

In these seminars, we present an informative trading strategy and market update that looks at major stocks, current trends and sentiment affecting financial markets. We also discuss a few potential trading ideas and discuss ways to help you refine trading strategies.

Topic: Running Market Scans Using Prorealtime Chart’s ProScreener

ProScreener is a powerful scanning tool that allows you to scan entire equity and forex markets for instruments that match your technical trading criteria without having to be a programmer.

Market Strategy

From pairs trading to candlestick analysis, the market strategy aspect of the seminar is aimed at providing workable ideas on improving an individual’s understanding of trading concepts and ideas.

Market Overview

A top down approach on the current financial market environment, looking at the SA40 cash index, commodities, currencies and technical setups on locally listed equities.

IG Trading Bootcamp and JustOneLap have teamed up to present a series of 12 monthly trading Boot Camps. These hour long events will be presented by Simon Brown live at the IG offices in Sandton and webcast via the internet.

The intention of this series is to help traders improve not only their knowledge of trading and markets but also improve their trading profits. Importantly trading style, asset being traded, time frame used or the product being traded are not important. The lessons learnt in these Boot Camp sessions will aid traders of all types to improve their trading.


Shaun Murison
Market analyst

Travis Robson
Head of Premium management

Leigh Riley
Premium client manager

Upcoming seminars


22-Jun 18:30 Johannesburg, IG office Register here
23-Jun 18:30 Pretoria, Pretoria Country Club Register here
20-Jul 18:30 Durban, Southern Sun TBC
16-Aug 18:30 East London, Premier Hotel TBC


Upcoming Boot Camps

Date Time Topic  
22-Jul 2015 18:00

Getting Started in Trading

Register here
11-Aug 2015 18:00

Margin / Leverage / exposure

Register here
15-Sept 2015 18:00

A Trading Plan

Register here
13-Oct 2015 18:00

Global ETF Trading

Register here
10-Nov 2015 18:00

Managing share events

Register here
2-Dec 2015 18:00

Busting Market Myths

Register here
19 Jan 2016 18:00

Trading Discipline

Register here
16 Feb 2016 18:00

News Flow 

Register here
15 Mar 2016 18:00

FX and index trading

Register here
19 Apr 2016 18:00

Psychology of trading

Register here
17 May 2016 18:00 Technicals and fundamentals Register here
21 Jun 2016 18:00 Risk Management Register here


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Register for one or all of our series of 12 Boot camp sessions.The intention of the series is to improve your knowledge of trading markets and ultimately improve your profits.

The next session is in February and looks at 'News Flow'. Sessions are free of charge and can be attended in person or viewed via webcast.