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  • Free IG essential charts and mobile app charts for account holders
  • Advanced ProRealTime charts from global leader IT Finance
  • Independent Autochartist pattern recognition and Trading Central analysis

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Free integrated charts


  • Launch live charts on all our markets
  • Easy access to a range of popular Indicators
  • Place trades, attach stops and set limits directly from your charts


  • Make notes and draw trend lines using annotation tools
  • Customise and save your layouts
  • Print, screen grab and export your charts for further analysis


  • Identify relationships and corresponding price movements
  • Compare up to six markets from a single chart
  • View price differences as either percentages or point increments

Advanced level charts

  • True real-time tick-by-tick charting
  • Over 100 technical indicators
  • ProRealTrend automatic trend lines
  • ProScreener personalised alerts system
  • ProBacktest  test strategies against historical data

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See the events that shape trading

  • View upcoming and historic market events directly on your charts
  • Analyse the impact announcements have on price levels
  • Choose from key macroeconomic data including Non-farm Payrolls, Retail Sales and Consumer Confidence
  • Display company earnings, dividends and stock splits on over 6000 equities
  • Combine with technical indicators, trend lines and drawing tools for richer analysis

Technical indicators and alerts

  • Build alerts using popular indicators: Moving Average, Exponential Moving Average, MACD, RSI, Standard Deviation, Stochastic, Bollinger Bands, Price and Volume (share CFDs only)
  • Create simple alerts or combine up to three different indicators for more complex conditions
  • Once your criteria is met, alerts can be sent straight to your inbox or mobile device
  • Set recurring alerts that trigger every time your conditions are met.

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Free charts on our mobile apps

  • Part of our award-winning mobile app for iPhone, Android and tablets
  • See live charts wherever you are
  • Add indicators, change time frames and choose styles
  • Use gestures to zoom in for greater detail, or swipe through historical data

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Free independent chart analysis tools


  • Autochartist pattern recognition tool monitors the markets on your behalf, alerting you to potential dealing opportunities.
  • Free for IG clients
  • Removes the complex and time-consuming task of analysing charts for patterns
  • Eliminates subjectivity and guesswork from chart analysis
  • Automatically scans our forex, indices, shares, energies and metals market charts for patterns
  • Set audio or visual patterns alerts
  • Free in-depth research articles on historical charting patterns

Trading Central

All clients get free access to Trading Central, a leading independent financial analysis centre, in our web-based platform, providing detailed technical analysis articles, alerts and charts.

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  • European & US Morning Brief
  • Asia Morning Brief

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